Marina de Salinas
PR 701 Final
Calle (St.) Chapin G-8,
Bo. Playa
Salinas, Puerto Rico
(787) 824-5973


About Salinas & Puerto Rico

About Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, a tropical paradise, is located in the Caribbean between the state of Florida and country of Venezuela. The Island can be found east of Dominican Republic. Puerto Rico measures 110 miles long and 35 miles wide. Its comfortable all year round temperatures fluctuate between 73°F and 90°F. Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States and its currency is the US dollar. The main languages spoken are English and Spanish.

About Salinas

The beautiful town of Salinas is located in the south coast of Puerto Rico bordering the Caribbean Sea. Salinas is recognized for its mangrove cays, salt mines and great harbours.

History of Salinas

When the Spanish colonists reached the Salinas coastline in 1493, the region was inhabited by Taino indians. The river and large deposits of salt were named in honor of the “cacique” (indian chief) Abey. The war between the Tainos and the Spaniards in 1511 led Abey and other 15 caciques to new settlements in Dominican Republic. The new inhabitants of Salinas in the 16th century developed the agriculture, fish and salt industries.